Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Shedding..

pounds..not! rather pounds of my hair is allover the place!!! I hate this cycle..ppl say after giving birth u will go thru a period of shedding hair..anyway nothing i can do about it now i guess so just get o wit life..these pics are just a chronicle of wat i did since friday..

Nabil n Ariff is very close..this is Friday morning b4 going off to Taska. Nabil dotes on her lil bro.

this is wat i had Grazie..forgot wats the name but really yummy. Benjy wanted to eat "scapetti" so "aunty Sharon" n I brought him there for lunch. Madame Sharon had tuna pizza n poor Benjy sampai pening kelaparan n penat menunggu Scapetti nya..

Saturday is the 1st time Benjy visit the dentist..brought him to Dr. fiona Lim's clinic bsocz i heard she is really good with handling children. But today her locum stood in, but he was very good as well.. I like her waiting area quite cozy n not the typical sterile clinic we always see.

The doctor is trying to sell toothbrush..literally, puhleaze..

After the dentist visit, we brought Benjy to buy his 1st watch and lunch is 1901 hot dogs and San Fran waffles with ice cream.

Friday, April 25, 2008

More cupcakes!!

Look at these!!! Doesn't it just makes u feel like u wanna have a little tea party in the garden n the barbie doll cake bring back nostalgic memories..back wen i was a kid every girl in the neighbourhood had a Doll bday cake..i always asked for mine to be like that but somehow i don't remember getting it. Kesian kan.. I was quite a tomboy masa kecik dulu..always up to some mischief..not the quiet type that sits down at home i never had these quaint tea parties, main masak2 bakar rumput adalah..but i love to read Enid Blyton's so in these books i escape to another world of magic, country charm, enchanted forest n tea parties...these lil cuppies i recently discovered in Deana's n Faye's evoked my childhood fantasies..a world wer i always dream of going..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cupcakes Fever

These cakes came from the oven of Deana Cakes...the 1st time i saw her blogsite, and the photos of her creation has already made me a firm customer...where were you when i was looking for the perfect wedding cake for ME!...dear friends feast ur eyes and hopefully some will end up in ur stomach soon..also checkout this link and

So cute kan the baby figurine..I will most definitely have this for Baby Ariff 1st bday. It looks too adorable to even slice the knife in.

Since I have 3 boys, I also want something like these for their creative to eat ah?? These are carrot cupcakes.
These cutesies are mini chocaliscious 1st order..and Deana many more will come..the choc cake is so rich and top it off with choc cream..the flower is made of sugar..,
I've just ordered 50 carrot n cream cheese cupcakes for my uncle's wedding annv and another 50 choc cupcakes for my twin sister-in-law bday. Any excuse to celebrate with Deana's cupcakes..I'll post more pics of my next order a.s.a.p...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good morning Mayfirst

MAYFIRST!! LAMBANG SEJATTI!!, i'm not a member or ever will be (touchwood).. Just this bloody song has been stuck in my head ever since i woke up this morning....i wonder how's my day gonna be like today..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday...i intended to go to work today as it seems like my patients r getting better. Buttttt.....when i picked up my kids at taska yesterday Nabil's temp naik again n he vomited 2x in school, as if to prove himself he vomited 1 more time as soon as he entered our car all over the back seat n my lap. Ariff pula mcm sakit many tahi mata until his eyes almost glued shut. n he felt warm to my touch..that night he had fever.

So i decided to stay at home n nurse them coz although i trust their taska, i doubt they can give full attention to my 2 sick boys, with so many oth kids n activities to handle.

Hubby have his final exam to attend to so i'm at home now w my 3 musketeers. I just cooked porridge for Nabil n fried rice w salted fish for hubby to kasi selera makan (haven't been eating much). Last nite i cooked tauchu fish n chicken soup saja..terjun only. So little time so much to do. Afternoon is the only quiet time i had when my kids r napping so either i nap w them (so tired) or do oth house chores...i'm blogging now with baby Ariff on my lap.

Y not get a maid?? How i wish i have one but then again these maids comes with a 'package' like bermacam2 ragam n trial n errors..furthermore, there's no one at home to monitor the maid pula. My phobia is not knowing wat she might do or feed to my kids wen we're not around. I have my fair share of maids when we were kids..n i was not exactly the 'kuai kuai sit down n play with dolls' type of girl. One maid even threw a parang at my lil bro because he chased around her chickens, crazy. One even had her BF visiting n lunching at our home, brought her 'adik angkat" to sleep la we're not ready n willing to go through all that yet. I know that having a maid will make my life easier as she will do the housework, but i'll take my chances with the taska. After all i'm already used to the work load so oklah, mum is around to help out oso.

Taska Medix, i highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good reliable day care centre for their kids. although a bit on the pricey side, they gv proper care to all the children..i can't say enuf about them, go check it out yourself n you'll know wat i mean. the place is cool, cozy n clean, proper washroom for kids, 24 hours svc (was the most essential facility for me when i was working in the hotel), and the carer have so much patience with high strung kids. They even had international kids who dont speak english or malay. This is the kind of day care centre that i dream of owning one sweet day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On a lighter note...

This morning after sending Benjy to school, sipping on my hot choc n enjoying my pancakes with tiramisu vanila ice cream woth honey (yummmmm)...m watching the breakfast show...n sms-ing Ms. Spiji..suddenly there was a loud thud like on the window..NOKOTIGOG MY HEART!! Rupanya twas a bird flew into or more like banged into my window..cheh Wat lah..that's y la ppl say 'Jangan pandang belakang'..mebe he saw a bird hotchick and then didn't see where it was flying. Lesen kopi-O punya bird.

And then when i was hanging my laundry I saw my neighbour belakang..wakakakak a fat old man wearing only his kain pelekat sampai atas perut sedang jemur kain juga wakakakak. that house have another funny character..a lady i think..everyday jogging around her house (literally pusing keliling) in her track suit and towel hanging on top of her head to cover her face. I never see her face one. Even if its slightly raining, she will still complete her routine..i just never got to count how many rounds.

I have a new next door neighbour..they are now bz cleaning the house..i hope they r nice ppl. N hopefully no dogs coz the other neighbour's dogs always sneak into our lawn n steal the rice i gv to the birds. Few times they can't get out coz they couldnt find the dent in the fence they got in from..stupid dogs..they hate my boys hehehe coz my 2 rascals like to tease them. If they're ever got bitten...siaplah itu dogs.

How I wish I am a Super Hero

Monday..totally a Monday Blues monday...not that I was moody or got up on the wrong side of the bed...just that I got a call at 9.00am from my kid's nursery and told me that Nabil is having fever temp 38.2dg. I have a meeting at 9.30. I told them to cool him down with cool towel and monitor his temp and gv him plenty of water. During lunch they called again and this time his temp has soared to 39.4 so I have to rush him to the doc asap..further more today baby Ariff is due for his routine jab. Called hubby but he is rushing for an urgent meeting so terpaksalah he rush gila babi to settle his stuff and then pick me up and then my 2 boys from the taska...and then it started drizzling. Oh wat a day...hubby was so cranky and I had to bite my tongue from lashing back, then i started thinking maybe he's not well too. And then I noticed baby Ariff is coughing with a slight runny can't have his jab today. All in all 3 boys sick. Luckily Benjy is ok.

At home I was practically like the Tasminian Devil..mcm puting beliung putar sana putar sini urus my boys. Have to bathe them, feed them, soothe them, ubat lagi..kesian the daddy just terdampar couldn't even stand up...rupanya his temp was rising n having a major headache. Nabil also was very weak. I was so thankful that although Ariff was not well, he was not cranky.

Tuesday I have to take emergency leave to take care of my patients. Hubby still bedridden.

At the back of my head..this incident on that Sunday night is bugging me. I am a bit superstitious but not to an extreme.

That night i was in a deep slumber no dreams..just suddenly I felt that I was in a sub-consious state and I felt my body tingling and feet grew cold..and there is a presence behind me (i was lying on my sides with baby at my back). It said to me that it is always watching me and i couldn't move a muscle when i tried to turn around. It dared me to turn around and see 'it' so i did and i saw a hazy figure in white with with white hair n face laughing..n it said "now u've seen me". and then I turned away and tried to recite doa but it just laughed at me and even imitate a person in Sujud. and then it transformed into a more 'presentable' form like a human face and i forgot wat it said. I just felt the tingling sensation moving up n down inside my body. I was and still confused....whether this is just a nightmare but it really felt like separuh sedar..anyway i just ignored it..I was not scared out of my wits though at that time. so i guess even if it is 'so' won't really harm me. After that, baby Ariff started to get restless even after i fed him. But no more incident.

Then come the Monday that Nabil n my hubby got fever. That MOnday night, Nabil woke up several times crying..i really do not want to think that these are all connected to my "dream". But could it? Everynight I will recite Doa Al-Ikhlas before sleep with Benjy n Nabil who have already memorised it. Sometimes all of us will recite zikir Munajat until we fall asleep. In our bedroom there is some 'Ayat' hanging on the wall. Maybe it's all just a coincidence.

Wednesday..I'm still on leave..hubby is still not well and I have to urus Benjy going and coming back from school. And then hubby have to drag himself to his W.I.P sites despite his condition so I can't let Benjy tag along with him, not will be too much for him to the unforgiving heat lately..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pirattes of The Borneo

As I was browsing through my pics and stumbled upon this one immediate flashbacks raced through my delicate a slideshow of stillshots taken on board the magnificent Raja Laut, Borneo's own tall ship..

If u're not sure of what's a tallship, think Pirattes of The Caribbean-and the ships in the movie-tall mast-sails...that's it..u've got it now.

I was lucky enuf to get an invitation for a fam trip sunset cruise from Borneo Tall Ship and they were launching the Raja Laut...the owner of the beauty is Ywan Carraz (mother is from Weston and father French..i tell u, the combination is hunkaliscious)...he told us that he and his father lovingly built this ship and the fine workmanship is a rare find was built right here at home (he called Sabah home!) in Sipitang if i'm not mistaken...or was it Kudat? Anyways..

We enjoyed it tremendously...we were wined and dined...mingled with the ecclectic mix of cultured totally gives you the feeling of being in a long lost romantic and dreamy..when i saw the international crew esp the captain i immediately felt the element of adventure rising in my core...
I'm such a "water" person so whenever i get near the water, esp. the crystal clear water of the sea my adrenaline starts pumping...butterflies in the stomach... if i set foot in any kind of water vessel / vehicle my instinct will be to push it to full throttle! Yes I'm a speed maniac as well... but i don't drive (officially) yet and I don't swim very well...ironic you say? but i don't care. I think i can call that my passion.
I have done White Water Rafting (in both rivers in Sabah), White Water Kayaking (a near death experience), car racing at Batu 3 racetrack (the car I was in got 3rd place), jet-skiing, sea-kayaking (I almost drifted to the path of the Labuan ferry, it's tougher than it looks to kayak againts the sea currents ok) and was given a ride on the Kastam "Penumpas" vessel which they normally use to patrol the waters and chase smugglers (They went at half speed and I couldn't keep my eyelids open!..that fast)..

Hubby and I always dream of having a sunset party on board a ship..with sunset as the background..strollers crooning classic evergreens..heavenly food and lots of merriment...this is also one of future events that Bronz Music will bring to be ready for it.

Check out The Raja Laut website at my Fav Sites Link

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My 3 Musketeers

Everyday I find so much joy with my boys..I've got 4 men in my life now which i sooo love...
Benjy is now 4 yrs, Nabil is 2 1/2 and Ariff is reaching 5mths... it never fails to amaze me that I have 3 kids now...I've learned so much from them...and since I can't conceive anymore, I just can't help "manja-ing" baby Ariff..I will miss the soft cuddles and the addictive scent of my baby...and the most adorable thing is Benjy and Nabil is so devoted to their baby brother...Every morning Nabil will climb into the bed I share with baby Ariff and sing "Bangun pagi, gosok gigi..." to Ariff.

3 boys..u will not need any Marie France or Slim anyone who wants to take up my remaining Marie France sessions, just let me know..I'm thinking of Yoga or Pilates now..wanna join?

This Masquerade.....

I'm humming the song This Masquerade (George Benson version)....

Me n hubby went for the Hyatt Appreciation Night for their clients..theme Masquerade / Black...(love this theme)...have to rush to the Party Shop to get my mask! Don't have time to do my hair at the salon so i just bun it up and glorified my do with a cute Orchid hair accesory which i got from The Curve flea market...hubby all dressed up in his million dollar tux looked so James Bond-sy (Casino Royale kunun)..

We were impressed with the set up by Hyatt..they've transformed the ballroom into a Casino and gave out "money" for us to gamble we must earn more (at least $800) to claim a prize...prizes were DVD players, iPods, Digital cams, pen drives, umbrellas, etc...but after much effort at the Black Jack table we only manage to go home with a Name Card Holder (sobs..)...

Thanks Hapsah for the photos...our camera battery kaput and mobile phone camera just don't work in dim lights...Kak Arnahal was her usual jolly self...we wanted to try our hands at the Katam Katam table but twas so crowded...hmmm me n hubby simultaneously had light bulb flashes on our head...this theme for our future events...a cocktail of Glamour..Danger..Mystery..Bling. Watch out peeps something exciting is coming your way brought to your by Bronz Music!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Love Waffles

Last Sunday, the Shahnaz family went to Citimall...

Went to San Francisco coffee to grab my fav Oat biscuit but then we saw their wafflles and gave it a n hubby adores waffles and our all time fav is A&W waffles with's not soggy and maintained it's crunchiness long enuf with vanilla ice-cream on top..since KK has lost its A&W now we have found the next best thing in San Fran Coffee..GO TRY! Forgot to take the waffle pic since it only lasted for 2 here we are enjoying our family outing..

Thursday, April 3, 2008

KL Menjerit!!

22 - 24th Mar,, hubby, Benjy & Ariff went to KL.

The main purpose was because my hubby wants to bring his eldest son to watch Formula 1. I was not so keen in the 1st place coz of a child ears are still quite delicate and I'm afraid it may harm is eardrums, sooo hubby had to search high n low for headset or watcha-ma-callit... and i insist that he wears earplugs underneath the headset just for extra precautions.

Hahahah just imagine..all the way and trouble and Benjy slept lika a log half of the race?? Just like his Mummy..anywhere can sleep.

Note the T-Shirt??? It was mine from 5 years back!!! heheheh Yup my hubby is a Ferrari Die Hard Fan n we apparently must be one too...luckily my fav colour is RED..

After we arrived KLIA, we still had some time to browse the merchandise area of the circuit..i soo love the atmosphere, hot, loud, full of multinational crowds. Only this time i didn't sport my Ferrari Tattoo like last time and wear shorts..

(This was us in 2003, Benjy inherited my T...can't imagine i was that 'petite')

So on the Race Day, hubby, Benjy n Bro In Law went to the circuit while Baby n I took our own sweet time browsing The Curve (we stayed at Royale Bintang) we checked out the Flea Market there, bumped into a few old friends from ITM years...had tea with my best friend...took pictures with my idol...and shop like nobody's business at Brands Outlet for kid's clothes (bloody cheap n cute!)

(The Curve)

(Ikea Swedish Meatballs - a must have - DELISH!)

(Also my fav dish - Chicken Pie @ The Dome w Pumpkin Soup n Lemonade - see my lunch date at the background? such a dahling)

(Sheila Majid my Idol)

(My BFF since high school - Sophiarena Haziz n her cinta Martin)

All in all I had a most fullfilling time this time around as i had most of my fav food...shopped till i almost dropped...met my BFF..bumped into some old school friends...bumped into Sheila Majid (and also Acis..kinda cute heheh, my sis-in-law had a crush on him)...and went to the F1 circuit. Thank you hubby..kesian dia i took most of his shopping time hehehe..