Saturday, December 26, 2009


This festive holiday season, our family went for a highland gathering. I'm so thankful for a wonderful family.

Fly away...

This coming new year..let all the bad, negative things be left behind..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Indulgence

Just started to read of my greatest hobbies when i used to have all the time in the world..must make time for myself to escape and breathe..and reward myself with something that i love to do. Becoming a wife and a mother, it is normal to give all your time and priority to keep a good family and home. But we must also not lose ourselves, and take care of our a little bit selfish and not feel guilty about it. I think, at least by doing so, it will keep us from losing our sense of humour, keceriaan and the youth we use to have/feel inside...wonder how long it will take me to finish this though..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Old fashion comfort food

Cousin of hubby just got engaged last weekend but I had to stay at home and miss these traditionally home cooked favourites!!

The experts cooking over bara api under the pokok ciku at the backyard..
Bingka ubi kentang under way...
Wrapped with banana leaf to keep its frangrance
Wajid/wajik durian ohhhhh myyyyy......
Kueh bahulu nyumm..
I'd sure want to learn this complicated art, original way of baking my favourite kuehs..

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ever after

Welcome December...the month of weddings, baubles, and lots of merry making..

It is also the month where most parents will have headaches to find baby sitters and holiday plans to bring their hyper kids to the many places of interests..cuti-cuti Malaysia.

Recently went to a friends wedding at Magellan, the groom is one of KK's top sound n lights supplier. As expected his reception was a grand affair..with laser shows, smoke effects, confetti canons, multimedia show and the whole shebang..I especially like the cloth covered ceiling, Arabian tent like.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Annual Year End Ceremonies

Most proud moments for parents to see their children on stage..tidak kiralah whether to receive Top Students awards or just to perform their colourful dances..

It never fails to amaze me how the teachers can keep the mass in order and follow orders..but at home these kids seems to be deaf to the word NO! Kids will always be kids...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Feel like I'm stuck in a rut..perlu kemajuan..need to have better focus career wise and to indulge in my many passion thus need to make more money...make money doing things that I love.

My Joy..this one is progressing in full force

This boy punya cepat suda progress from his brand new drum set to his new recruit on drums..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Ariff is Two!

Can't believe it's already two years since...
Day one..
Nabil also celebrating his 4th birthday with his must have Ultraman cake..
Choc Cupcakes made by my S.I.L..
Berabis di kerjakan...
Sudah lama bergendang tin biskut n tupperware he finally got his 1st drum set..and already jamming with his Granpas
Everyday before going and coming back from nursery sampai lah bedtime, we'll be sure to find him here..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oodles of Noodles

Lunching with hubs at this coffeshop near much need of soup after a crazy day yesterday..throbbing head..tapi sempat lagi took these pix..
Sup ikan..

House special fish cake
I particularly adore this..nicely organized..nostalgic

Breaking ground

Spent 4 days going back n forth the cowboy town to get the "ground broken" for one of our office was soooo hot n humid but we had some delights as well.
Warm hospitality..not to mention very sedap homecooked lunch at our colleague's aunt's house..
And after an exhausting day reached home at 8.00pm and all the penat just melted when my angels greeted me..Mummy did you miss me..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

White & Blue Wedding

Sun 25th Oct 2009, we were invited to Aziz and Vina's wedding reception. I like the colour combination of white and baby blue theme..The couple has been together for 9 years and finally tied the knot. The emcee pandai mengawal majlis and berbunga bahasa and it was a nice surprise to find out she was a friend of mine... The host have planned the party well, they had cultural and singing performances intervals, classy decor and music yang syok and paling penting the food was not late.

Ariff had good fun playing chopsticks drum and gobbling up the muruku..culture shocked dia nampak the Murut warriors..
Wedding favour
Aziz's high school chums..tu yang sebelah kanan Aziz is next! Tapi bila?
Congrats Aziz n Vina..semoga jodoh mendapat berkat dan kekal ke akhir hayat..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ben's 1st Colouring Contest

Sat 24th October, 2009...Eon Bank Jln. Gaya. Ben's class teacher wanted to enter Benjy in the bank's colouring contest for kids of 5yrs. So Ben was the last to arrive and datang koboi saja bawa colouring set saja while the rest looked so professional with their own table and chairs, glove, sapu tangan and extensive colour set. Dengan rilek si Ben sat on the floor and Nabil insisted to share the spot with him..saja menyibuk.

After time up, the bank staff organised two games to occupy the kids while the judges deliberated. Nabil yang paling kicik kemain lagi join. Poison ball..and Nabil got 1st place (last man standing heheheh)..

Bawa bola ping pong pakai sudu...awal lagi suda fail.
And the winner is....Ben got 2nd place but he insisted he got 1st coz his trophy said 1st Runner Up..mana-mana sajalah Ben..his Dad was most proud sebab betul-betul tidak sangka Ben could beat budak'budak pro yang ambil art classes..Ben's reaction: selamba..heheh

Hari Taska

Fri 23rd October, 2009..Putra Ballroom Nabil's 1st concert..everyone was excited to see the shy Nabil perform his tarian Melayu..we've seen him practise many times at home so tonight will be the his big night. 20 perfromances from Taska children all over KK will perform their dances and Nabil's turn is the 15th slot.

This cute Unduk Ngadau was trying to get Nabil's attention, balik-balik limpas depan our table and jeling si Nabil. Finally I asked Nabil to take pix with her and made her day hahahah.. paku lalang..dia lah yang paling damit

Comfort food

Warm fluffy halal chinese style pau...this was the 1st I encountered buttermilk pau. Nice. Must grab also sardine pau..these few days I'm gonna spend in Membakut I'll sure stuff myself silly with these pau.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Remember these kedai runcit favourites back when...hubs found 'em at Kg. Ketiau kedai runcit and we were like two budak sekolah in glee makan biskut cap King Kong and main pistol..tapi sayangnya the api tidak kuar..Si Nabil yang menghabiskan biskut ni.
It's nice to find these things that was so much part of our childhood...teringat masa carefree days dulu..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rotating Lunch

Oh just had a nice lunch with the girls..hosted by the lovely Ms. B. We used to work together at the 7th-windowless-floor of a well-known hotel in KK.
Chatty, loud, beketawaan mcm we own dat place..
I had this Udang Goreng Sambal..the prawn was a tad over cooked..taste was oklah..
Ms. S just had this konon coz she's aging and had to wear a size bigger than usual heheh, tapi dia ngap juga udang si Ms. F..
Ms. F punya Penne Salad..yg di background tu is doing her sexy pout look..
My Seafood chowder..
The house signature drink..ingredients..serai, lychee, gula melaka & soda water..
Pening-pening lalat oredy..