Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1 Syawal 1430H...

Back from the non-stop gastronomical per tradition, 1st day will be to gather at hubs Granma's at Tmn. BDC wer cucu cicit suma datang berkumpul lepas solat Aidilfitri and then off to the other Nenek's house in Tg. Aru..after that off we head to Papar, my side of the family.

Sengsara rimas my boys dengan baju cekak musang..but they were sporting enuf to endure this until the day was over. My favourite place to hang out at hubs Nenek's house in Kg. Tg. Aru.
Ini di rumah Nenek Itam punya dapur. I just know that this hole on the floor has been there since donkey years..ini favourite spot for kids to subuk ikan bawah kulung..i learned from Benjy that day that a catfish's mouth is square..hmm
Kg. Takis beauties heheheh..favourite aunt and she can cook anything under the sun and you are guaranteed to have a second or more helpings.
This is at Tok's hse at Tmn. BDC, the cousins photo session..saya pula yg sesat cousin in-law di sini..
Meet Pak Hussin and family..(Uncle Hussin to others)
Ariff is verrry attached and manja berabis to my mum..good for me and not for her heheheh i can makan puas-puas..

All in all, This year Raya is a bit subdued (if you can say that)..coz Raya eve, Ariff had fever, 2nd Raya it hit Nabil pulak and then Friday Benjy pulak kena demam and that is inclusive of chesty cough and it rained a lot so we didn't get to go visiting as much as we'd have liked.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Salam Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all of you...semoga selamat di jalan raya, selamat di perut, selamat semuanya. Mohon Maaf Tulus Ikhlas sekiranya ada coretan2 blog ku ini menyinggung perasaan. Truly never meant to offend, just ramblings of the mind.

Okay fellas, can't wait for Raya to come. I'm sure by half of the day i'll be already rolling up my sleeves and tie my hair up in a messy bun. But I'd always say better a hot Raya day than a wet rainy Raya. today must do a last minute scramble to look for Nabil's songkok and Benjy's samping. Last year punya suda sempit rupanya heheheh..inilah adat last minit ni..kena bebel suda I. Tapi kan the chaotic frenzy makes the anticipation to celebrate Raya lagi exciting bah.

Can't wait to see all your updates soon as we're back on our deskjobs! Salam..


Just woke up from my hybernation..and sambungan daripada entry yang sudah basi sebentar tadi..this arrived at my desktop exactly 10 days from the day I made the payment online. Thank you Ellie of Begtangan Ladies (her link is just at the side here).

Gumbiranya hatiku! Love the clutch..Etienne Aigner clutch can also convert to sling bang and wristlet. And Ellie gave a surprise free gift of Victoria Secret So Sexy Lip Liner.

So my shoppaholic friends you can be assured that Ellie is a true and reliable shopping site.