Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fruit of labour..

A hectic week it has been..away last weekend to KL for hubby's OUM convocation in PWTC..very proud moment..brought Benjy along to witness his daddy's achievement (not that he understands what's going on but for him to experience the atmosphere and later remember). Hubby studied BA in Mgmt part-time 4 years ago and along the way we borne 3 children. It's a tall feat i can assure you that because I witness how he sneaked time to study, do assignments and exam while waiting for me in the car, red traffic light, during my induced contractions, through confinement, in sickness and in health etc. I definitely would have quit much earlier..juggling family, work load and study at home is absolutely taxing to the mental condition. I've no such discipline..however I do harbour a yearning to continue studies in Early Childhood Education..maybe one day when I'm no longer the part-time maid at home..

Benjy already tired waiting for hours outside the grand hall, while we were merrily taking pictures everywhere..kesian dia kena drag along.
And guess who's wedding signage we bumped into..a high school friend whom we lost contact years ago..hahah we missed the newlywed by a day.

After the convo, we went to Pavillion. Everywhere the coutoure boutique had "Further Reduction" I checked out Chloe..1 dress I admired had 50% disc. from.....RM11,450!! simple white silk dress with floral motif. So forget about the rest lah kan.

We paid RM150 for a regular room and we got a Suite! Look at the view from my shower stall. The hotel room was ok lah..quite run down but still holding itself together.

Kak Sri I remembered one of your entry recommending Madam Kwan's..I didn't take me much to decide to eat here and we were not dissapointed at all. 5 Stars for Madam Kwan's (this was at Pavillion):

Nasi Bojari RM21.00 - Colourful rice with Juicy (and I mean juicy)Fried Chicken, Rendang Daging, Acar Awak, Boiled Egg and Prawn Sambal.

Signature Dish Nasi Lemak RM12.50 - With Curry Chicken, Sambal Ikan Bilis, Boiled Egg.


Plain Noodle Soup with Prawns - Benjy almost slurped his soup from the bowl..

And I found this! Daging Salai Halal..No Pork No Lard..sedaaaap. I recommend to all.

Sharon remember the good times at Carlos Hacienda?? This is just a Canteena..but still Carlos's..the songs are still like those days..

We didn't do much shopping..not enough time..and I just couldn't wait to go home to my babies!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A birthday, A wedding (coming soon), and Farewell...

I couldn't remember the last I've been to a real girl's night out partay. Last night was a real blast, everyone of us let down and had good fun. It's not easy to get all of us together in 1 night cos we're all over the Sabah map and of course busy with own jobs n families. Our friendship started while working at Gayana as the Sales n Marketing team and we bonded so much so that we became more like sisters..complete with bickering, fun teasing, became the shoulders to cry on, celebrated each other without fail every year, fiercely protective of each other and yes we even borrow clothes *wink*..and of course we have our Papa Bear as well who spoiled us rotten..oops forgot we also had one brother who was most of the time had PMS hahah.

We started with dinner at Upperstar..

Continued across to "The Place to be Seen"..yours truly is trying her hand at a game to knock down the pins with the pendulum..

Mastika n Sharon lighting up Joyce's 24 Birthday cuppies..

Very cheeeesy "leaning tower of pizza" and finger lickin' fried chicken..

Everybody Dance Now!!! Bukan main lagi orang-orang tua ni kan..

Joyce is definitely enjoying her moment..our youngest sister just reached 24..

The gorgeous girls of Gayana..we made it happen and happening Boss..there's no doubt about it and don't you ever forget it!

Grilled Chicken with Carbonara Sauce: RM13.50. Caught on camera day-dreaming while playing te keyboard and looking bored..PRICELESS!

Ain Jasmin getting married next mth, Uniq is going back to Miri, Mastika is going back to Sandakan, Grace going back to the mountains..

Now I am so feeling my more like those "pointing to the stars" years where I can go all night I have stiff neck and shoulders, sore throat from too much shouting and so bloody sleeeeepyyyy..I wish a Happy Birthday and many more to come Joyce, Congratulations Ain Jasmin & Faizul and Mastika..take care of yourself and good luck in Sandakan.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nadesh & Nina's Wedding

Click here to view beautiful shots by Anna-Rina.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Meet of 4 Reasons

The above subject refers..Ms. Sharon n I is excitedly planning and waiting for this coming Wednesday for a par-tay of ex-colleagues..the Sales & Marketing of G*y*n* Isl*** R***rt. It's to celebrate the reunion, a farewell, a birthday and hen night.. Looking forward to a really silly, lots of laughter, good food, loud singing and kodak moments..seen above is during our Garden Wedding Fair at Tg. Aru 1st Beach..that's Joyce, Mastika, AJ and yours truly pregnant with Nabil.

Monalisa Smile

ShabbyMom u must guess who is smiling in this pic..

At first glance I couldn't care less who was this guy..look like a regular Tom, Dick or Ah Kau..then further read through Hawk's entry he said this was *tuuut*!! OMG OMG! The most sullen paed finally cracked a smile. Hurrah!! And my friend managed to capture this rare moment of unguarded emotion.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Month of the Hungry Ghost

The topic has nothing to do with my thoughts right now..but just a coincidence that this is "That" month and Sharon and I were talking about death this morning. I'm sure that you will normally hear after someone has died, the relatives would say that before that person died he acted strange, made weird requests, generally would do something out of the norm. Popped up in my mind, did that person have an ominous feeling that death is around the corner? If so, if he have acted against his weird urges would fate be otherwise? What goes on in her mind when she just suddenly decided to have a full makeover (if she's an old person definitely it's not in her routine la kan), would that made her think that a horrible fate is awaiting? Logically no one will think about dying (if reasonably healthy). The thought of dying is always pused to the back of our mind. It's always oth people dying, but we never thought about ourselves or immediate family n close friends right.

Would I know that I'm going to die when I suddenly have the urge to have a family reunion? or when I decided to wear a lace kebaya to work? It gives me the creeps to think about this..I'm not ready yet.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The 7 wonders of Hesistant Blogger

The 7 wonders TAG:

1) I used to sleepwalk a lot.

2) I love to swim (jump into the sea) but I can't swim.

3) I used to play the organ (now i forgot most of the chords and songs)

4) I love karate..I was a mean B**** to my opponents, my aim is their heads!Watcha!!! Hiak!! Hait!!

5) I love babies

6) I escorted my best friend home from Tanjung Aru to Luyang (3 hours walk). That was because her dad was late in picking her up from school and we were 9 years old and I decided to send her back hahahah..boy did we get into deep shit when we reached her home. On the way there we were starving (it was so hot in the afternoon) and we stopped at the roadside and nibbled at her leftovers KFC chicken bones. FYI my house was just 15 min walk away from school hahahah.

7) Every year I look forward to Raya, Christmas and CNY..that's family gathering time!! I would be the designated entertainer for the children.

Next to TAG: Mizal, Fran Labadin, Bibi Hazrina (Kuireena), Ijam Shadan, Kim Shabudin

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Best Friends Wedding...

So many wedding invitations I received for this weekend, especially this year's most popular date 08-08-2008. Alas I could not attend, hubby not back yet and I just do not have the energy to bring all my 3 Brady-bunch. Baby Ariff was not feeling very well anyways. A kenduri arwah to attend plus our car need to change battery so, *sigh* however I would so enjoy going to these weddings, I have to pass. Thinking about wedding, last night was flipping through some old albums and I want to share with you some very special moments..

Sharon Austin Spiji + Cornelius Boyd Tahing..28th December, 2001. Yours truly was still Young Single but not photo with Gayana colleagues

Norsatryani Zaini + Jali (sori don't know full name and forgot the wedding date)..pic taken with high school mates..dono why la must take separate girl boy photo..I tink suda kena brainwashed masa hostel years dulu kan, seatings were always separated by gender..

Yours truly was the "flower girl" at a very unique mix marriage at a temple in KL. That's Gail's sexy back in green sari.

Ehemm saat yang paling penting and heart thumping in my life. 3rd May 2003, Kg. Takis Papar.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Anger Management..whooshaahh..

1) When u have nothing nice to say, just shut up.

2) When u are angry or upset, refrain yourself and save other innocent people from taking the brunt of your steam.

3) Do not say things that you don't mean and will regret later because to apologise is much harder than just shut your mouth.

4) Please recognize the other (innocent party's) effort to remain diplomatic.

5) Bear in mind that other people have their own problem too maybe bigger than yours

6) Exhaustion will cloud your judgement. Stay away from people. Just go to sleep.

Anyone who wants to add to this list and release some steam in a safe're most welcome to do so.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kreative Blogger Award

First of all I would like to say thank you to my parents especially my Mum and Dad *batting eyelashes* all my Blogger friends out there without you I will still be Hesitant..Herda my friend thanks for nominating moi..Last but not least I wish for World Peace. Thank you..*eyes glistening with happy tears* *walking away and waving like a beauty pageant*

And the next Kreative Award goes to..
Sharon Spiji
Shabbychic Mom
Gail Michele

Now dear nominees..kindly return this favour to any worthy blogger deserving of this prestigious award. Just link the name of the person who nominated you and put links to ur nominees as well.


God bless you for your warmth and wonderful heart and may you have a healthy long life with lotsa teaparties to come..and of course may all ur wishlist come true esp. yg terjumpa "jackpot" di siring jalan atu.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday..Day 1..

Bro-in-law is my designated driver for this 2 weeks..and he's already late picking us up to send the kids to school n me to work. I undstd that being he being single and not used to wake up early everyday, this might be a problem sikit lah. Benjy needed to be in his school by 7.30am for field trip. Came 7.30am still no sign and a call later told me that he just woke up..boy this will be a loooong day. So he finally arrived and Benjy n Nabil was already at the porch impatient to get into the car which was still at the gate, I was rushing to get their bags and lo and behold little Ariff decided to run (in his walker) to join his bros outside..the only thing I saw was his feet up in the air and the walker pinning him face down. I litteraly threw everything on the floor and dashed to get him..Ariff!!! Kesian he got a tiny cut on his upper gum. I can't describe how I felt. I just thought how can I let that happen.

Obviously I was really late to reach the office and after 2 days of absence atending a course, piles of memos and such was strewn all over my desk. Time to sort it out. I thought I was going to work lunch as well but had a nice treat by the sports club (ladies only lunch) at the Brass Monkey..the lunch buffet was good..and true to myself, indulge in glutony..I eat a lot! (pic taken frm Whimsical's page)

Then I had to go to this butik kain and pay the installment for the materials I kept (booked)..really a mistake, it was a verry expensive impulsive purchasebut I fell in love with the kain at 1st sight. But their credit card machine acted up so I ended up taking longer than necessary there. Then Hubby asked me to go to the bank urgent errand..have to find transport again..

By the time I really sat down on my chair, it was almost 4.30pm..and I still have tons to do. Then called my BIL just to double check that he will be on time to fetch us he told me that the car broke down. Weak battery he said. Thank God it was fine after recharged and BIL picked up Benjy 1st then I..Mum called and told me she's having a dinner function that means I will be alone at home with the kids and she didn't prepared any dinner, which means I had to tapau lah. Did a quick shopping of wedding gift for a friend, diapers and dinner then off we go to fetch Nabil n Ariff.

At home, quickly bathe the kids, feed them, I bathe then BLACKOUT! I was so bloody annoyed with SESB coz this was the 2nd incident this week. The funny thing is only a few houses in my street yang next door got light. I poured my frustration (not so pleasantly) to the customer service staff..I didn't care to be polite bad she had to bear the brunt. Anyway she had a book of standard answers to angry callers prepared by the company so that's her work hazard la kan she had to tahan my mouth la (sorry girl I was too tired already). BIL was stuck at home with us and he was entertained by shadow shows courtesy of my sons hehehe..luckily the blackout didn't last till 1 hour.

From my chronicle, I realise what a difficult life a single mother must go through. For this 2 weeks I'll try to be as patient and nurturing as I can. For me at least at the end of 2 weeks my husband will come home. Salute to all Single Mothers out there. And to my Mum, although garang, still bear with us with so much patience.

What a day..TGIF!