Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gaya Hidup Sehat

Last Kaamatan was supposed to have some programmes lined of colleague, kenduri, window shopping and some other same ol same ol..but kita hanya mampu merancang and Tuhan yang menentukan mana yang jadi. So end up we went for healthy walk walk eat air session, a first for my boys to the Likas Sports Complex lake. Berpeluh la jugak just catching up with them then after that we hunted for the hawkers "JC Burger" near the hockey field. Must do this often lah..the power walk I mean heheh..

The next day we were craving for some sotong kangkung so headed to the beach after a visit to my hubs kampung in Tg. Aru..but we ended up at The Mediterranean Bar (1st Beach Tg. Aru) and just had to order the Chantilly Choc Pudding that Shabbymom rekomen berabis..and yes I pun rekomen berabis to all yg gila it is still BUY 1 FREE 1!!..sotong kangkung pun lupa mau beli.

Hmm now to plan this coming weekend's programme pulak..have a great weekend ahead y'all!!