Sunday, November 30, 2008

What If Your Ex Said This To You?

This is a verrrry scandalous tag yang mungkin akan mengegarkan rumahtangga from Izrona..gilak bah dia ni mau tag sia..but ala sporting la bah kan..I think the questions are supposedly asked by the Ex and I'm supposed to give the here goes nuthing..

What If Your Ex Said This To You? are you?
Why do you want to know??

2. Hey! You wanna go to the mall?!
Oh yess definitely, you're buying..

I love you too

4. DO u want some cookies?
Double choc chip with macadamia pls

5.Can you take me a picture?
huh?? come again..

6.Help me in my work?
errm I think I hear someone at the door..

7. Here's my gift to you...
**smile**, **feigned surprise**, **oh you shouldn't have**, **thank you**, **kiss kiss**

8. Let's just be text mates
r u for real??

9. Do you want me to buy you an ipod? that even a question??

10.Let's sit together in the bus
Do I have an option??

12. You're still pretty...
There's a pillow and blanket for you outside

13.I still LOVE you!
What made you realise??

14.Can I visit your house?
I have a better plan..let's go to Bali..

15.Do you love me?
Sure..why do you ask?

btw Ex-BF is now living with me and gave me 3 sons..heheehheheheh

I want the Red Beemer!!

Saturday night..was at the much anticipated launching of Auto Bavaria KK. It was a 3-days affair with the 1st day being the official opening with Ministers and VVIPs, 2nd day was for Corporate and 3rd day for Test Drive.

I like the stark white-ness of the interior..done intentionally to avoid any distractions to the focus..the Cars.

The Corporate Flower..White Lilies (the exact name not sure)..

My heart skipped several beats when I saw this..I want!!

Dinner was catered by Le Meridien KK..

I loooove this..bolehlah kasi alas perut my cravings for Mexican food..

The face of Le Meridien heheheh jgn marah ye Mizz N..for those who wants to know..she's YoungSingleandAvailable.

Faces of Friends..
Grace Ajon & Tanty

Safarina Wasli

Uniq & Wilson Alex

Shahnida, Raymond, Safarina, My Hubby and Shirley

Run of the House..

Since this was a busy weekend for hubby and I, we had so little time with the boys. I let them loose out on the lawn and they decorated the little pine tree they like to kill everyday..I decided to humour them this year because almost everyday when we pass by the neighbours and we can see their brightly decorated Christmas trees, Benjy and Nabil will nag me to "make" their own tree.

Green fingers? His Mum is definitely not.

Ariff's 1st walk on the lawn..he rolled and stumbled and had a good time.

Puas hati oredy..
Serious about his tree..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Irfan Ariff is One Year Old

How fast time flies..I'm clinging to the baby-ness of my youngest son..don't want him to grow up so fast coz I know I will miss his softness and heavenly baby scent and how he will be the happiest when I pick him up..but grow up he must and both of us are enjoying his new discoveries..he's a fun loving adik and his abangs love him to bits..

Monday, November 17, 2008

The New Kids are back in the Block

The Boy Band of all Boy Bands..the Boy Band that launched a hundred Boy bands..Yes I was one of their fanatics..who wasn't at that time..gawd..everywhere you go their songs will be blaring out of the speakers..

This album I have..the Video I have..the Step I did (wakakakakakak)

I collected the button badges, posters, files, stickers, pictures wakakakakak

Donnie, Danny, Jonathan, Jordan & Joey...OMG look at them then..seriously the hair?..Jordan looked like a transvest...I was a Joey's girl..mcm prumpuan juga dia ni kan..heheh

And this is the reunion of album featuring collaborations with Pussycat Dolls, Akon and Teddy Riley..I read they still maintain their signature NKOTB sound..I cannot imagine..must go and check it out soon..hmmm can Joey and Jordan do that shrill high pitched falsetto? Will they update their Step-by-Step steps?? heheheh LOL in my heart..bidaknya tu..

Keyholders for Zai

I found these for a new blogger friend who's sister is crazy about Sabah Gong Keyholders..
Zai lemme know which one you want..I happen to notice it when I was waiting for hubby after work..right at the office convenient eh?

Aiya terbalik la pulak..anyways this is the smaller one RM20..

The bigger one is RM25..

Yang 3 serangkai tu RM35, manakala (wah so formal) the 2 serangkai one is RMRM30

I haven't haggled with the price yet, I'll try to get a discount for you after you tell me yang mana satu you nak..ok?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What shall I say??.....

Sacrificed my Saturday for work..Gerak Usahawan Exhibition at Wisma Pertanian..nothing exciting but at least I bumped into a few old friends..they made my day. To pass the time we ate and ate and ate junk food. What a boring day. Mum's away so I'll turn into the Tasmanian Devil right after this exhibition..tomorrow hubby's going out-station..uwahhhhhh!!!

After work, I let the kids spend their energy with their hopefully they'll sleep early tonite..thisis a typical child labour eheheheh

Sempat lagi membeli sekilo Udang Kertas di Ko-Nelayan and I got a nice surprise in the package..that night the maid on duty masak Udang Goreng Berempah and Sayur Tumis je..kalu ketam ni bleh masak buttermilk kan bestt...

Then the kids amused thmselves..sejuk perut when I see them play peacefully together..

Then the morning after I woke up to this scene..the little bro picking his abang's nose, nice to wake up with a smile..

p/s: pls excuse the poor photo's taken with my 2mpx hp cam

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Got fish?

This was the most interesting part of last and shrimps on wheels! They made rounds around the housing area and honk their distinctive signature first we thougth it was the regular ice-cream car, but we were pleasantly surprised to find fresh seafood instead! For half a kilo of "udang kertas" and these "ikan temanung" hehehe i fail at fish only cost us RM12. Well I think it's cheap coz I rarely (almost never have the time) go to the wet market and the kedai runcit that I normally frequent to buy my seafood is almost this is still fresh and it comes to my doorstep..what do yo think? Cheap ka?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Solace..

The Hero
The Villain
The Kiss
The Car
The Heroine
The Beginning of an Addiction (notice still no olive inside?)
My's action packed but he had only 1 gadget (was a bit dissapointed, expected super cool new age gadgets), after taking a hell lot of a beating and winds knocked out of his breath..he still emerged steady and cool..only the son of Bond can do...I give them 4 stars out of 5..hey I didn't fall asleep half way through!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm no sore loser but HELL!! I hope he'll fuck up..big time.

After months of hardwork, given hope, almost lost hope, was given hope again, all the effort was squashed by this cocky bald headed guy that I hated at first sight!

We were competing to get the contract for a lucrative and prestigious event coming up soon with agency A. I was told that it seems like the client was in favour of us and now wanting to negotiate further. It was almost 70% ours..just within our grasp until this guy came out of nowhere, in the middle of the "show" and gave dirt cheap rates which was wayy below market price..SHIT!!!..I think he's charging peanuts for horse shit...and to know that we offer superior quality of equipments and service...ARGHHHH!!!!..yeah he's a smooth talker and maybe the ladies were astounded by his charm..BLOODY HELL.

I slept at 6am this morning, all night revising rates, putting together layout plan, pictures, profiles, and baby woke up a few times so putting him back to sleep dragged my time. I was so groggy and disoriented this morning that I swear today is Friday and put on the wrong uniform on Benjy. Had to rush to the hotel to take pics of cocktail table and stool. And a few minutes after that the bomb landed..aduhhhhh frust yang tidak terkata..I was so full-hearted and desperately wanted this event..but I couldn't be in the's complicated.

One thing I take solace in this pitfall, I can watch James Bond Quantum Solace premier with my beloved hubby tonight..jgn saja tertidur half way through lah..

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Saw a crazy and sickening site this morning on the way back to the office from breakfast..

I was walking past a children's amusement centre (the ones that has bumper cars, carousel, video games etc) and it was adjoined to a cyber cafe. This was roughly around 9.00am. This joint was still lifeless except for a single PC wit a little boy sitting in front of I was nearing to him, I looked at the PC screen and saw something like a collage of random pics. Then when I was right behind his back I was shocked to see p*##ies, spreaded legs, b@@bs, B#!ts were staring back at me!!

Astaghfirullah......this little boy looks like not more than 11 years old is surfing the X-rated porn site!!! Tebeliak biji mata I..and he just turned around and the expression on his face scared me..there was no expression at all!! Where has the innocence gone? His eyes looked dead. Not even a surprised or panic look that he was caught staring at naked women and stuff. I don't dare to even start to think about the rest of his upbringing.

The more we get together...

It's been almost a whole week of silence..wasn't feeling inspired. But I enjoyed visiting my regular blogger friends..more to updating on FB and reuniting with old chums. On the other hand I experienced a roller coaster ride of emotional turbulance. It's over 11 months since I've given birth so it couldn't be post-partum depression..I don't know what to call it. Just feel like screaming on top of my lungs, drop everything and just do nothing. Whoever said life is tough must have made an understatement..but to take it on the positive side, that just makes your life a whole lot more interesting eh?? Be a stronger person??? I sure hope so. Be wiser? I'd love that. Be the bigger fool? Palis-palis.. AND I found some strength while visiting U.Lee, Whimsy and Ida. It's ironic that when I was in the blues (aisehmen) encouragement came at the oddest time and funniest place. I need to get away to a different land..recharge is crucial.

The weekend was eldest son had his grand year end concert and being a born performer, he was naturally selected to present a sing & dance show (hence the blog title). Next year is his 1st year in kindergarten. He sure looked dashing. He's in the middle with the pointy hair looking so confident..specially requested coz he wanted to look nice.

Got backstage shots somemore lehhh...

A good friend dropped by and gave us bundles of pandan coconut, durians and brinjals..heheh i know the last item doesn't fit the picture right? But watever lahh..i think it is one of the more versatile veges around..taste deliscious however you cook it. Can't get enough of the kelapa pandan though. Reminds me of my preggy days when I must have it almost everyday at whatever the's really expensive, the cheapest I found was at Ocean Seafood Restaurant selling at RM7 each!