Monday, March 2, 2009

Bad air..

A lot to do with bad air. Since Friday I've had upset stomach and feverish. The chills and lethargy persist until today, Monday. Not helping is the fact that it's my time of the month again. And tomorrow I'll be leaving for a training in Mid Valley. This is another gloomy cloud causing the bad air that is surrounding me. How can he not understand that I'm trying to reduce the cost for me to go this bloody training, even after detailed breakdown and explaination / justification in writing? I didn't want to be his representative in the first place, nobody in this whole organization wants it but it has to be dumped on someone's shoulder right?

I have done my part to educate myself so that I can understand perform this position better. And a measly RM25.00 difference in the room rate cause havoc in his mind. See I'm not entitled to a room more than RM200. Because it is RM225, then it meant that I am abusing the company's fund and benefits. Why I chose this particular hotel? Because it is in the same building as the training venue. And this will eliminate the cost of taxi fare to and fro. Nowadays, taxi from Bukit Bintang (where our regular hotel is located for officers like me) hardly uses the meter and hardly wants to take passengers in the peak traffic time. So this will not only save the company some money but also will not put me in a frazzled state of mind first thing in the morning. Airfare pun I did internet booking okay...not through the regular travel agent which already saves us at least 50%. Does he have something against me? Does he always think the worst in my actions? It is really bugging me.

This is definitely not the cause of the "bad air"...only they can put the smile back on my face. Kalu ikut ayat Whimsi, gambar2 yg menyejukkan hati..