Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sensitive Skin

My youngest son has really bad eczema prone skin condition since birth. And as you know it itches like crazy and you must NEVER scratch otherwise it will spread. So imagine a baby yang ber-rashes yang teramat gatal di hampir seluruh badan. They can't use the normal shower gel, shampoo, ointment etc because it will only further irritate their in response to a friend of mine who is facing the same problem and anyone who is reading this, here are the three lifesavers that I have used until now. It is a bit pricey as compared to the other normal baby products but it WORKS and it is worth it when you see your child skin is fair and clear and he can sleep soundly (and mummy can get her peace of mind as well!).

I'm currently trying this out, so far it's good, has a light baby scent and cheaper than Bud's Baby (RM18.90) available at Mothercare KK Times Square.
The Ego QV Wash is scent-free and can be used form head-to-toe. Available at most major pharmacies and supermarkets.
I love this one! Buds Baby. It has a lovely natural scent and you only squirt a small amount and it will give a rich lather. I get mine at Little Me kids store (Kompleks Karamunsing and Citimall) RM29.90 \
Oh there's another popular product for children with super sensitive skin, (my baby can't tolerate Eucalyptus Oil or any other ointment normally used to calm insect bites, small cuts etc) This came highly recommended but I haven't tried it yet. It is made of fermented papaya which has a strong remedial benefits and irritant free.

Happy trying to all the mommies out there!

Tornado weekend

Hubby & mum was away last weekend so I braced myself for another tornado weekend with my boys. Saturday sent Ariff to the nursery so only two of my rascals stayed at home with me until 6pm. During the lull before the storm, I became wonderwoman. Masak, cuci & jemur kain, sweeping, mopping, cuci kasut sekolah budak, feed the boys, put them to nap, clean the bathroom, kemas rumah, masak again...come 6pm go fetch my little one. In between the day I had a little adventure of my own with the two cars sitting at my lawn heheh..won't divulge that info for fear of my "safety".

Sunday they woke up super early when I was just at the best part in dreamland and sure enough, they worked me out better than a personal trainer (vocal training included). Tiada peluang this poor mummy mau take a deep breath, baru ja lepas my scrumptious lunch, they all woke up from their nap. So I decided to let them release all their energy full blast..kasi tunggang langgang lah the house sepuas hati mereka, petang kasi release them out to the wild biar sampai habis battery. Then by 8pm they were once again my peaceful angels dozing off.

This was them playing peacefully.
I lost count on how many times I made them pick up their toys.

My energy booster lunch muahahaha..ikan masin, jeruk bambangan, ikan goreng & nasi puti panas panas!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Zara Tiana

Welcome to the world baby Zara Tiana. Proud parents Gail & Samir Labbaci.
Just hours after the pink of health :-)
Peacefully asleep..
With kakak and abang..cantik kan kacukan kadazan-brunei-lebanese-swedish
* pics were grabbed frm Gail's fb

Monday, April 13, 2009

Kopi time

It's been raining since mid morning. With the cool air outside plus the air conditioning inside, the only thing that keep on popping into my conscious mind (besides an extra layer of shawl to keep me warm enuf) is a hot cuppa kopi O and roti kawin..

The pic above is taken in a kopitiam and that person have left the building. This image stuck a nostalgic late grandma used to drink her cuppa kopi O just like this! Out of the saucer. Aduih terus terkenang kisah my childhood spent with her every weekend. Masih ada lagi orang minum dari cuit like this rupanya ya..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Itsy bitsy spiderman

Yesterday he was brave and fine. Today he changed his mind. After morning shower as I was about to put on his uniform, he took off his undies and ran upstairs and wore this instead. He thought that if he wears this then maybe..just maybe he'll get to go back to his old playschool.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dreaming of food

A little treasure that I found on my last trip to KL, this branch is located at Mid Valley 1st floor...thank God I found you!

The Pai Tee is so fresh
Oh my God this is Char Kuey Tiaw heaven
RM7.50 rojak, I don't mind paying twice the price. I just wish it could've lasted longer. Hubby & I gobbled it up in no time.
Assam Laksa...aiyoyooooooo can't talk oredy..slurp.
My Perfect Cendol! Died and gone to heaven..Have a great weekend hunting for good food y'alls..and don't forget to let me know! **slurp slurp**

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nabil's First Day

And it's April Fool's Day. He's 4 years old this year and we are late in enrolling him in this chinese pre-school. Reason for the change is to prep him for his 1st kindergarten year in Tzu Yu. Medix is fine, they have lessons and classes for his age as well, but it is different in the chinese school. Jadi at least when he enters the chinese kinder year 1, tidaklah tekejut kan. Well we were offered free 1 week trial period, so nothing to lose.

He was naturally excited and was the first to wake and get ready.

His koko is acting like the big brother should. Buttttttt when we got up to leave habisssss semua dia punya cool. Poor Nabil thought that he will be with his big brother all the time there.

This is my first experience dealing with screaming and clinging at school as Benjy was fine with being independant during his 1st day. So heart-wrenching to leave Nabil reaching out for me. Oh i know he will be taken care of and get over it eventually but still...can't wait to hear his story after school.

The Return of...and quite hesitantly

coz mun suda lama inda berilham dlm blog ni kan, it is so hard to write the 1st sentence. So many things to say, so many interesting moments happened but I'm at a lost for words. I'll just go with random pics that tickled my funny bone or caught my fancy during the days that I was quiet..

Nabil finally had his 1st haircut at the favourite kedai apek in Tg. Aru. I wanted to cry when they snip off his soft lovely curls. When I arah-arah the tukang gunting just snip sikiiiiit sja kasi lurus di belakang, kena marah balik pulak I chis! Tapi si budak ni steady sja and he felt like a "big boy oredy mummy".
Immediately after returning from my training in KL, saya telah dihujani dengan kerja-kerja urgent and the pace was mad! Farewell of colleagues, events to organize, QMS audit coming up yadda yadda yadda. So in the midst of it all, dapatla juga makan free during hotel inspection. I found this chicken rice so ganjil and creative. Available at The Palace Hotel restaurant. But why la the kicap mcm sembarang sja kena tuang atas that rice ball.
Dalam kesibukan to organize farewell parties of friends, we have to entertain a radio enterview of our Chairman and naturally when the media comes to your office, there will be cleaning frenzy (I won't start on our cleaner). And memandangkan our Mck cleaner can't fit in between the narrow space between the glass of our "waterfall", our beautiful receptionist dengan gagahnya masuk ke dalam to wipe the cermin, can be our live mannequine display oredy coz si Rajak yg nakal locked her inside.
During the farewell party our lawyer dropped by just as we were gobbling up the food and this charismatic guy (I say this because when he talks mcm ada built-in amplifier in his voice and his voice is sumthing like Broery Marantika's hahaha, and he looks like the famous old guy modelling for Louis Vuitton)..anyways what caught my attention instantly was the funky shoes he was wearing! Cool huh?! Forget about matching it with his outfit but I love his spirit!(or is it his sense of drama??)
And after the farewell lunch, I kawan my BFF lunching at the usual. And as always, I just can't resist these fresh out of the oven-still hot and plump buns at Louis's..simply devine.