Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oodles of Noodles

Lunching with hubs at this coffeshop near much need of soup after a crazy day yesterday..throbbing head..tapi sempat lagi took these pix..
Sup ikan..

House special fish cake
I particularly adore this..nicely organized..nostalgic

Breaking ground

Spent 4 days going back n forth the cowboy town to get the "ground broken" for one of our office was soooo hot n humid but we had some delights as well.
Warm hospitality..not to mention very sedap homecooked lunch at our colleague's aunt's house..
And after an exhausting day reached home at 8.00pm and all the penat just melted when my angels greeted me..Mummy did you miss me..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

White & Blue Wedding

Sun 25th Oct 2009, we were invited to Aziz and Vina's wedding reception. I like the colour combination of white and baby blue theme..The couple has been together for 9 years and finally tied the knot. The emcee pandai mengawal majlis and berbunga bahasa and it was a nice surprise to find out she was a friend of mine... The host have planned the party well, they had cultural and singing performances intervals, classy decor and music yang syok and paling penting the food was not late.

Ariff had good fun playing chopsticks drum and gobbling up the muruku..culture shocked dia nampak the Murut warriors..
Wedding favour
Aziz's high school chums..tu yang sebelah kanan Aziz is next! Tapi bila?
Congrats Aziz n Vina..semoga jodoh mendapat berkat dan kekal ke akhir hayat..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ben's 1st Colouring Contest

Sat 24th October, 2009...Eon Bank Jln. Gaya. Ben's class teacher wanted to enter Benjy in the bank's colouring contest for kids of 5yrs. So Ben was the last to arrive and datang koboi saja bawa colouring set saja while the rest looked so professional with their own table and chairs, glove, sapu tangan and extensive colour set. Dengan rilek si Ben sat on the floor and Nabil insisted to share the spot with him..saja menyibuk.

After time up, the bank staff organised two games to occupy the kids while the judges deliberated. Nabil yang paling kicik kemain lagi join. Poison ball..and Nabil got 1st place (last man standing heheheh)..

Bawa bola ping pong pakai sudu...awal lagi suda fail.
And the winner is....Ben got 2nd place but he insisted he got 1st coz his trophy said 1st Runner Up..mana-mana sajalah Ben..his Dad was most proud sebab betul-betul tidak sangka Ben could beat budak'budak pro yang ambil art classes..Ben's reaction: selamba..heheh

Hari Taska

Fri 23rd October, 2009..Putra Ballroom Nabil's 1st concert..everyone was excited to see the shy Nabil perform his tarian Melayu..we've seen him practise many times at home so tonight will be the his big night. 20 perfromances from Taska children all over KK will perform their dances and Nabil's turn is the 15th slot.

This cute Unduk Ngadau was trying to get Nabil's attention, balik-balik limpas depan our table and jeling si Nabil. Finally I asked Nabil to take pix with her and made her day hahahah.. paku lalang..dia lah yang paling damit

Comfort food

Warm fluffy halal chinese style pau...this was the 1st I encountered buttermilk pau. Nice. Must grab also sardine pau..these few days I'm gonna spend in Membakut I'll sure stuff myself silly with these pau.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Remember these kedai runcit favourites back when...hubs found 'em at Kg. Ketiau kedai runcit and we were like two budak sekolah in glee makan biskut cap King Kong and main pistol..tapi sayangnya the api tidak kuar..Si Nabil yang menghabiskan biskut ni.
It's nice to find these things that was so much part of our childhood...teringat masa carefree days dulu..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rotating Lunch

Oh just had a nice lunch with the girls..hosted by the lovely Ms. B. We used to work together at the 7th-windowless-floor of a well-known hotel in KK.
Chatty, loud, beketawaan mcm we own dat place..
I had this Udang Goreng Sambal..the prawn was a tad over cooked..taste was oklah..
Ms. S just had this konon coz she's aging and had to wear a size bigger than usual heheh, tapi dia ngap juga udang si Ms. F..
Ms. F punya Penne Salad..yg di background tu is doing her sexy pout look..
My Seafood chowder..
The house signature drink..ingredients..serai, lychee, gula melaka & soda water..
Pening-pening lalat oredy..

Di Puncak Borneo

Last Tuesday I went on a fam trip to one of our co's premises..a local entreprenuer has turned it into a rustic resort beautifully located at the slopes on the way to Kinabalu started full operation June this year and has since been receiving encouraging guests arrivals to its doors.

The reception lobby down there..
The walkway towards restaurant and rooms..
I'm particularly smitten by this traditional looking lanai (mcm anjung, they've made this into a recreation room)..u can sit while reading or playing board games sambil gazing out to the mountain valley.. heater some more..dont think u'd find it anywhere else around this neighbourhood..and it also has it's own thoughful..for the very budget traveller..
Superior room..cheapest after the dorms that was a nice surprise to see a modern designed comfortable room when i opened the door..was expecting the typical cabin like rooms with more wooden furniture..and i like the splash of lime green ceria..
This is the executive room if nda silap..
Koi n carp pond..the pandan is absorbing the dirt in the kolam..
with the boss of Puncak Borneo En. Abu Bakar n wife..
Another nice place to stay if anyone is heading to Kundasang or Natinal Park..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Singapore Fling pt. 2

Went on the Singapore Flyer..
Sakai lagi..this is the Esplanade Mall food court, Library themed and the many many stalls offers food from all over the world..we had a superdeliscous egg & onion prata and cheese & onion prata..
Must do..river cruise..took Singapore 10 years to clean their river and truly teda sampah yg terapung and masa limpas bawah jembatan pun no graffitti or sawang yg keliatan okay..
Tadaa!! at Clarke Quay is Asia's 1st Hooters..tapi inda juga basar kan hooties dia hehehe payah2 lagi mau dipanggil berposing cheh..tetiba aku teringat the radio program Hut Hut Burung Pungguk..hahaha ada pernah dengar kawan2??
After lunch on day 2 we saw Stomp..mcm concert tapi suma pun bergendang sja..two thumbs up for STOMP! They use kotak mancis, plastik, penyapu, tong sampah, newspaper, pasir, singki, beladar, paip and hentak2 kaki all in perfect unison and rentak..
di perkarangan Esplanade tu ada mcm2 lagi gigs, mini concert Art displays..and ramai yg lepak2's located di tepi relaxing..and tidak boring
I had this so sedap Soft-Shell crab masak black pepper at Colours at the Bay
The Formula 1 race track..still dismantling..
Since we've missed the Great Singapore Sale so pembelian pun tak banyak...ada lah skit2 souvies for our babysitters, 2 dresses, 1 love-at-1st-whiff perfume, 1 t-shirt..kuat iman ku kali ni heheh (coverline excuse)..
A few small incidents dat made our trip more colourful:..electricity breakdown at our hotel few minutes after check in (I tot KK sja yg malar teda karren), our Hippo Tour bus driver almost got into a fight with a man who blocked the road with his lorry in Chinatown (he banged our bus woh), I forgot to pack my jeans and the only pants I had, kena spilled tea while on the plane to Singapore, it rained half way on the double decker bus jadi basah la skit..

Singapore Fling pt. 1

Last Friday was the start of our weekend whirlwind honeymoon and my feet is still feeling the hangover...the 30 min reflex massage is just not sufficient. Came back Sunday. I like Singapore. It's so clean and safe, the whole country's infra and facilities are well maintained, the people are so civilised ie: they cue to wait for the toilet, they wait for the pedestrian light, they let other passengers to alight the train before rushing in (no pushing), no sampah pendek cerita aman lah perasaan ku bila berjalan2 disana.

This trip has been postponed since the start of the H1N1 outbreak, we must travel before 31st Oct or else. So initial plan to go with the kids turned into our Singapore Fling. Bagus jugalah..we need the break. The kids were having a blast at their nenek's..
The pictorial is in random order..

One of my "terpaksa visit"..BMW showroom the largest in south east asia and yes they can gloat..very changgeh la, the building itself is 6 floors high and sepanjang-panjang jalan disana was for luxury and regular car showrooms..(we only saw ONE proton on the road until we flew back)..note to hubs: I book this one ah..
Kalau di sini..within minutes babai gaman suda beskal2 ni..
My first meal upon arriving, the must try Hainanese chicken rice. This one is at Killiney's Kopitiam (no pork no lard)..nice but the herbal soup too salty and the chilli can be improved.
Ahah! This is on my MUST MAKAN list..the famous Singapore Chilli Crab (Sri Lankan crab kalu masih hidup). My good friend recommend to try the one at No Signboard but they also serve the "gajah pendek" there so frust lah I pada mulanya. Then hubs pun bawalah ke Boat Quay where all along the riverbank was seafood restaurant serving mouth-watering menu..and just look at the size of the smallest crab! Offer suda ni S$30/kg.

One of the stops for the river Cruise..Clarke Quay is at the opposite side of Boat Quay and this side pulak is lined with beautiful colourful buildins that houses many different concepts of pubs and resto..happening lahWe had Turkish Ice Cream..sot-sot pakcik jual eskrim ni suma customer dia kasi tricks..
I ate this everyday..the Old Chang Kee Curry 'O the pastry is crunchy not flaky and a surprise the middle of the typical potato and beef curry is a slice of hard boiled egg..and I also like the deep fried sotong on a stick
On our 1st night we were frustrated coz the Hard rock Cafe was closed for private we went to this place Howl At The Moon just near our hotel..HAPPENING! See the two pianos?? They do Piano Duelling (mcm two pianist challenging kehebatan in the same song) and they also do stand up I didn't smell like an ashtray when we left..definitely cool
It was really pleasant just strolling along the Orchard and night..beautifully dressed people all the time and yg kami heran there were just so many people walking even at midnight..we happened to pass by this private function..I dream of organizing an event this exclusive..this was a gigantic tent set up and inside it looked like an amazing jewellery galleria with opulent chandelliers. I like!
Kesian bah kami ada jakun skit when we stumbled onto this underpass..right below the building behind me was a whole diferent world of shopping space, they call it a multi-sensory mall the ION Orchard ntah ke apa lupa suda..sampai ke sini bah idea dorang, no more darat..under-darat lagi kena explore.
Oops ehem..yes we went we didn't buy anything