Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tribute to mothers

A touching story from the Wen Chuan earthquake.

When rescuers found her, she was already dead, crushed by the collapsed house. Through gaps in the rubbles, they could see her posture. Kneeling on both knees, her entire upper body bent forward, held up by her two hands pressed against the ground, as if performing the ceremonial bow in an ancient ritual. Except, her body had been compressed out of shape and looked somewhat eerie. A rescuer extended his hand through a gap and confirmed her death. He called out to her, and tapped on the bricks with his shaft, but received no response. As the team walked toward next building, the squad leader suddenly turned back, yelling as he ran, "Come quick!" He came to her remain, labored to maneuver his hand under her body, searching. He called out following some rummaging, "There's someone, a child, still alive." With some effort, rescuers carefully removed the debris burying her, found her child lying beneath her, bundled in a little red blanket decorated with yellow flower prints. He was about 3-4 months old. Shielded by his mother's body , he was totally unharmed, sleeping peacefully as he was brought out. His soundly asleep face warmed the hearts of all rescuers on the scene. As the rescue team's doctor unbundled the blanket to examine the baby, he discovered a mobile phone tucked into the blanket. He subconsciously looked at the display, found there was a SMS message.

"My Dear Baby, If you were to stay alive, you must remember that I love you."

No stranger to the pain and sorrow brought by death, the doctor nonetheless wept at this moment. The cell phone was passed around, every person who read the message wept.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ruangan Lepas Geram

No matter how skinny women are, they still say they're fat. Is that mintapuji or just their insecurities? When I used to be much much skinny, I wished I was that I'm already fleshy (more on unwanted parts) I'm frantic on losing these fat. But then again I'm not over-obsessing myself..better enjoy good food n stay healthy than be rod thin again.
On the other always think they look so dashing and handsome, mcm sja petik sekali 10 yang datang..beriya-iya komen pasal pompuan but never look in the mirror..this is the universal case of older men chasing after mini skirts..mid-life crisis? The chain reaction is more insecure women getting jabs on their faces, lipo, nips n they are so prepared to endure pain just to make themselves beautiful in their partner's eyes. This is an epidemic.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Recently hubby's external hard drive went kaput. And in it was the one and only video of yours truly giving birth to baby Ariff. So I can't pester him enuf to get it fixed or somehow save the video from being lost forever. Thank God he had a copy saved in another drive and we watched it again. It's just amazing to see the baby being taken out of my tummy and seeing the whole process of my own delivery. It was a c-sec procedure and I would not even consider getting the epidural..just gas me out of oblivion please. I cannot endure another epidural will freak me out of the anaesthetic. I can feel every single invasion they did to my body! The tugging and scratching on my skin as they began to cut open, the tearing of the flesh as it opens, the wiggling of the baby as it was being pulled out and how they vacummed (i think) my stomach like churning dodol in a kuali etc..No sirree i'd rather sleep n wake up to see my baby already nice n clean swaddled next to me. The pain??? Well who says childbirth is not painful, regardless of watever the procedure. But if you ask me if I would go through it again..i'd say anytime..I love babies.This pic is taken from my friend's real collection. This was how it looked like during my op.

Once upon a time...there was this old man who was a close friend of my hubby's uncle..he predicted that i will have 9 children! What a good laugh me n hubby had..was he trying to be funny or a lousy conman...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Local Delicacy

Had lunch at Tang Dynasty Hotel with Ms. Spiji, Mildred & Mariam. Sampling their Kaamatan Buffet which was quite ok except for their dessert. Had an intersting experience trying this local delicacy which i had years ago (eaten live!) during the Eco-Challenge party. So now i am curious how the cooked version tastes like.

(accompanied by ikan panggang)
The Butod (as what it is called in local dialect) comes from the Sagu bark..the raw ones have a milky and slightly sweet taste, a bit juicy (not unpleasant at all, except u have to get past the wiggling) while tis grilled ones tasted like fried shrimp minus the smell and the texture is similar to fried squid. Nice! It's just mind over matter ;-) There you go my Fear Factor lunch.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Storm is coming!!

At this moment..the storm is blowing very strong outside. Just minutes ago we witness the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737 is struggling to land. We actually saw it diveddown almost hitting our building's roof and the pilot immediately took it back up was a close call! The windows in one of the offices at 2nd floor broke and someone got hurt by the shards. The fishing boats in the waters near the market is now scrambling to park at the cove at Sutera arbour to find protection againts the strong waves. I'm sure it's as much dangerous for cars on the road now especially coastal highways. Those who have to use the Lok Kawi highway please be extra careful. I'm a bit apprehensive now, worried bout my babies still at the nursery. Lets pray all of us will make it through safely..amin.

Blog Block

so many things to say yet i can't seem to think of wat to say??? It's been 1 week since my last post n so many things happen that it's a struggle to start again..the fingers just froze on the keys..just bits n pieces here n there..wara wiri wara wiri...

3 weeks baby Ariff was sick. The 1st time brought him to Dr. Sharon in Damai Spec. but still persist. Then brought him for a 2nd opinion at SMC Dr. Liaw, he said the medicine he was given was "biasa saja" quite mild for his case. I thought wat the @#*@ i paid for a specialist n expect a better ubat as compared to a GP n poor Ariff had to consume bottles of med is not good! So Dr. Liaw prescribed stronger med (again i was so apprehensive about my little baby makan so byk ubat for a long stretch) n said he had Bronchialitis (batuk n kahak)..after 1 more week, Ariff had a recurring fever n the mucus n cough was still there n didnt feed back to Dr. Liaw (he is so good with children he is so patient wit the worried mum who asked so many questions). This time he is worried that Ariff case might escalate to Pneumonia! OMG pucat I. So Ariff had to be nebulized 2x a day (early morn, n at night b4 sleep) n if not better he will be hospitalized. The nebz dragged on for 4 days.. so everyday we were at the emergency ward and he got better.
Mother's Day..mum was outstation..I woke up early made breakfast, clean the house, did laundry, bathe the kids, then huby decided to join the living, feed the kids, then i was so tired , no mood oredy to go out just took my nap end the day went on as usual..the day before Benjy gave 2 performances for MOther's Day organized by his school..was so proud to see him on stage..he is a natural performer and looked so comfortable..i was surprised that he was at the front row leading the exercise show..they all sang Mandarin brought back memories when i was in the same kindergarten. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. If i'm not mistaken..the famous painting Monalisa's smile because she just found out she was pregnant.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Caught my eye

I think this is a desperate attempt of the manufacturer to sell this product..wat does that suppose to mean??? "tested on real curves for confidently firm skin"

Hahah this particular article is very ironic..that very same day i found out....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

April Babies Bday Celebration

Chocolate bday cupcakes for my lovely twin sis in law
This is June Tan, she's a lawyer with a beautiful jazzy voice
Benjy not feeling well n very sleepy, mum is comforting her cucu@
@ Atmosphere
17th wedding anniversary of my Uncle, carrot n cream cheeze cupcakes

April is the month of many birthdays...cousins, uncle, nephew, sister in law. so this is the best chance to try more of Deana's pretty cupcakes.

Nabil's 1st Haircut

That's Benjy giving his thumbs up..

It's almost natural that the 1st haircut will always be done by your immediate family member. When I was a lil girl, I wasn't allowed to have hair length past my shoulders, mum said students should not sport long hair..hemmm So my hair is subject to the creative works of my aunts lah..layered, bob, boy cut and luckily they didn't experiment the Poodle perm! I used to enjoy it when they tochang my hair in different styles. Now its my turn to play hairstylist hahaha..sumpak pun apa boleh dorang buat kan..muahahaha..i particularly like the 'Nicholas' of 8 is Enough haircut yg mcm mushroom tu. Nantilah..