Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

I was surprised by a phone call from my long lost friend who went off to the UK two years ago...and telling me that she's getting married. I have two reasons to be elated! Finally she has met her knight in shining armour. A love true love story with a fairy tale ending..happily ever after.

He is a chef born in HK and live in UK who have been secretly admiring her, who happened to work at the same restaurant. She, who had just recovered from a broken heart didn't thought of anything but just a friendly and nice guy who didn't say much but the occasional nod to say hello. So one day when she had to go back to the land below the wind (visa expiring), he was frantic and decided to brave it out and profess his feelings to her. Their love grew stronger each day alas 2 weeks went by so fast and she had no choice but to fly home. This prince charming determined not to let go of the love of his life pursued her and made known to the whole land that it would be his honour that she become his wife..she said YES and the rest is history...congratulations my friend for finally finding happiness. Bagai pinang dibelah dua! (pics courtesy of Gilbert Wong)

Monday, July 27, 2009

H1N1 Bummer

21st July we were scheduled for our family vacation to S'pore..THE GREAT SINGAPORE SALE some more!!! Everyday we were glued to the headcount of infected people..punya cepat the stat went up everyday..so we were forced to make a choice. To risk it or play safe..of course la dengan hati yang amat berat kami redha for the sake of our children's wellbeing. Better than to be quarantined, stand in long queues for screening with 3 toddlers on tow or worse kena jangkit!

Our quickie trip last year..
And now I just want to go here..boleh ka buat rumah begini di Kg. Tg. Aru..hmm mebe can convert my Granma's old house..in my dreams la kan..

Ben 10 Birthday Party

12th July..Dolly's eldest son Izzhan turned five. THe birthday theme was obvious..the bday boy's mummy memang champin menghidupkan tema Ben 10..tudungnya pun colour Ben 10 juga. Two-thumbs up for the host, she had clowns & magic, good food, face painting, games and goodies for all of the kids.

Takut I mau makan cuppiesnya..won't have my tongue turn green like si Nabil ni..tapi nda juga boleh resist..and it was so yummy..the baker is Shasha cousin dorang si Dolly and Bibi. Choc chip cuppies.
Macam reunion juga lah at the party, SBPSian from berbagai batch..siok juga catching up with kengkawan lama.

Ex-colleague Bibi, verry preggy and glowing.

Hari Keluarga SVH

Man..after hiatus ni susah pula mau start blogging balik..I'll start with my latest happening and this really exhausted the *tuuut* out of me. A jumble of mixed perasaan dan pengalaman from the lowest point to the highest. The event can be much much better but in the end I think the staff and family had a great time minus some glitches. I just wish that the venue could've been more cooperative and accommodating.

The main lobby
The final leg of the telematch race
The kids suda tidak tahan bila nampak swimming pool..and it was sooooo hot that day, kasi rendam saja dorang
A nice touch but not available for us to use..hmmm
Just arrive..masih fresh faced
Warm up time..lagu hawaiian yang mcm tidak ngam utk warm up..kena suruh gelek yerrrr geli pula I..tapi suma pun sporting ja
My team D Black Eagle..Black is Beautiful..Hantam saja bah..Sapu bersih!!!! whoohoo!!! nice kan our hula skirt heheheh..