Monday, May 25, 2009

Some say it's heaven...

That's why we decided to spend our 6th anniversary here. 3rd May.

This is the latest addition to the Nexus Karambunai luxury villas..I loooooove this one, they call it the Pool Villa and there are also the Spa Suite (which has it's own steam bath and jacuzzi in each suite).

Each villa has individual private pavillion and perfect view of the beach just outside of the verandah
and private pool
Rate per night, RM3,000.00. Btw all the villas are 99% sold each costing approx RM1.5 mill.
We stayed here, our favourite room upstairs.
Ariff kesejukan and penat disiram oleh his abangs..
After 6 years, we're more understanding of each other's needs and space. No more days where both were trying to impose own rules and forcing the other to adopt it, tantrum outburst, emo statements etc..we've settled somewhat but there is always room for improvement. I have adapted to life being a working mom, partime housewife and 24 operational hours. In all of this I try not to lose myself in the crazy routine and always keep a sense of humour.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kodak moments..

Since the long blog silence, banyak saat-saat kegembiraan yang tidak sempat I pen down. These pictorial will tell you the story..
My musically inclined son, they will run around and try to play every music instrument tat thay can get their hands on whenever we visit my in-laws..actually all of them are very talented in music..maybe they'll form a band someday.

I was craving for my Chicken & Beef Fajitas and Buffalo Wings..a must have everytime I see Chilli's or HRC or TGIF.

I lost count on which weekend was it that we went to the zoo. All of us tremendously enjoyed and the boys were so excited with to see the live animals.

Up until we reach the Proboscis Monkeys when they put up an X-rated show for the visitors, had an awkward time explaining te kids. Nabil was banging on the glass panel and suddenly one of the alpha male jumped and shooked the jaringan so vigorously and violently sampai semua org terkejut and lari jauh2..
Poor Nabil was so traumatized sampai terus demam..Sampai ke akhir hayat dia akan ingat the Big Nosed Monkey.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is my side of the story - 5 days in Tawau

14th - 18th May made me lose 2 kilos. Not a healthy way to shed some kgs. My colleague Ms. J and I was on hands and foot organizing the Halal Expo. The big deal is it was to be launched by the CM and some big guns from Johor and our State.

Day one was booth set up and we have to face digruntled shop owners whose entrance was supposedly blocked by our booths. Hello people, we bring in the crowd for you. The next day was exhibitors entering and prepping their booths and like we've anticipated ada yg sampai merajuk terkena location depan this huge pillar, can't do much but gv discount skit lah. Another butik muslimah fr KK needed some models for their fashion show so I managed to get 2 pretty ladies from the adjoining Promenade Htl for her. Last minute booth additions, requests etc but we managed to sail through it with the help of our event contractor's excellent team.

This was only my 3rd visit and the longest to Tawau but I am impressed on how cooperative and accommodating the people here were. They've have made our job in an unfamiliar venue, much more easier what with some last minute details and requests..

Oh and as a norm to everyone who visits Tawau, one must make their way to the markets for their fresh and cheap seafood, keropoks, periuk belanga, kain-kain and tudung-tudung etc..peluang yg ada kami tidak tinggalkan, walaupun terpaksa selit-selit masa. So on one of the visit there this caught my eye and tickled my funnybone.Sila baca lengkap dengan slang tempatan.

This was the emcee, he was good in entertaining the crowd. Made them laugh and participated in my quizzes. See how eager they were waiting for to win the prizes..
The Eastern Plaza, venue of my expo has just opened it's doors to the public therefore I need to create some crowd pullers to create hype and get as much visitors as I can. Since this was a Halal themed event, I called upon Kompang Nur Falah, Nasyid Nurul Amal Luasong, Ag. Aziz Gambus Bongawan and Senibudaya Tawau to perform. They were a hit! Fantastic showmanship from Kompang with their formations and energetic beats. Nasyid was harmonious and modern, 4 adik beradik yg amat talented. Ag. Aziz Gambus has the most peminat, they performed some beautiful dances and get the spectators to participate on-stage, berjoget lambak tah bisdia org2 Tawau.

In between these main shows, there were some stage product demonstrations and fashion shows. So I can safely summarize that the expo was a success, the exhibitors were happy that they made some sales and future sales. My only regret was our hard effort was not witnessed by our boss and the main committee. I didn't see any videography taken nor their official photographer taking memorable shots, i sure hope I'm wrong PLUS Ms. J and I was not even offered a ride to the airport by the main comm group who have chartered a bus eventhough we were going back on the same flight..terkilan sungguh.
The Chief Minister's visit to the booths was smooth sailing despite the expo hall being a tad too sempit for comfort. Sayalah orang yg paling nervous at that time.

In one of the food category booth. I like their publicity and promotion gimmick. Clever. They had the most visitors apart from the Lintah booth.

On the flight back to KK, I sat next to this kan? She immediately reminded me of my late Granma coz she smelled of antique wooden furniture, just like the ones my Granma used to have.
I'm exhausted, didn't sleep and eat much. We worked from 8am - 9pm. We were given room without breakfast bcoz the rate was too expensive. My meals were mainly half-eaten coz perut sudah masuk angin and too anxious to eat. My brain won't shut down when I wanted to sleep. My mind just went on overdrive and lived on adrenaline the wholetime I was in Tawau. Begitulah gayanya saya when handling an event, tak kan aman sampailah habis and successful. This is the satisfaction that I derive from events that I do that some people might not understand, at the end of the day everyone smiles and say thank you to you. Made great friends, had a "rollercoaster" of a good time. Balik rumah conked out with a smile on my face. Puas...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tak Gol Tak Bergincu

Some mother's were wined and dined, some mother's went for pampering session, but these mother's went to sweat it out at the Suria Futsal Arena whoohoo!! It was SEDCO Group sports carnival and we kicked off the event with men and women futsal tourny. I ni jadi reserve jer..tapi sempat jugalah tendang-tendang skit for half a match hahahah..itu pun cramp suda my paha. Shar..after all my busy-ness is done I will definitely join u for the afternoon sweat sessions okay! BTW our team won 2nd place...boleh tahan our players.

Oh but my mother's day tak habis cerita lagi...since that night got kenduri at cousin's place and I was bone tired, I just rested at home and ordered pizza at 7.35pm. Sempat lagi hubby balik from kenduri and tapau some food for me, my pizza haven't arrive. It finally arrived at 9.15pm! Spoilt my day. And they didn't apply the free pizza if late delivery policy..sanggup bah dorang bawa balik itu pizzas! it was supposed to take them 45 min from order time to reach the customer. My house from the nearest Pizza Hut is just 5 min drive away. Tak tensen ke dibuatnye. Nasib baiklah I sudah makan, perut pun suda kenyang and I was in a good mood.