Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here's the thing....i've been thru 2 previous c-sec n the pain is bearable. I mean within 1 week i was fine already and climbing upstairs. But this time OMG...i can hardly walk.

I was late for my operation appointment (hehehe fashionable so) n waltz into the changing room with confidence (hah!) n was immediately wheeled into the OT where my good Dr. Lim is waiting since 9am and it was already 10am. The doc asked me twice if i prefer full anaesthetic (GA) or epidural and a wise woman like me would surely answer GA!!!!!! (coward). I simply can't handle epidural. I have an overactive imagination and u don't have to inflict the pain on me, with just the sight of things being done onto my poor belly is enuf to freak me out of the epidural n then the Doc would have to knock me out anyways. Just imagine a giant needle being poked into ur spine?????

I tried to put on my brave face so to say but my heart thumped like its gonna burst out already.

My hubby managed to gv a crash course to the nurse on handling our yes the ordeal was recorded. My hubby was not allowed into the OT huhuhu..but i know he was relieved.

I woke up to the sound of the doc's voice calling my name n my hubby's kiss on my forehead. And after that painnnnnnnnnnnnnn......... My hubby told me our baby is so fair...unlike his older bros.

i'm gonna stop here for now, sitting down too long also gv me some discomfort.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Bump, My Bump, My Bump

2 weeks ago my hubby embarked on a project to commemorate my gorgeous bump for life. after almost 1 hour of delicate handwork n lots of sweat, i received an enthusiastic thumbs up from my eldest son.

Monday, November 5, 2007


As of today i have exactly 1 week to become a Mother of 3. Insya Allah by 12th Nov 2007 the world will have a new population... I have triple checked with the doctor, after so many scans just to satisfy me, I saw 2 sets of balls (cannot see the cannon, samar-samar). So people it's gonna be a Boy!

I will be lying if i said i wasn't hoping for a girl, this 3rd baby will be my last. Doctor informed that my surgical scar in the womb (i think) is too thin to undergo another pregnancy, so therefore I will have to "ikat". But nevertheless, I am ecstatic to be a mother of 3 strapping young lads. Imagine the havoc they will create....i'm smiling already.

(IKLAN) I'm munching on some Garlic Roasted Cashew Nuts...nyum..only RM2.40...brand MR BEST...bought it just now at Wawasan Plaza

Truth is I'm scared...the impending birth procedure. I'm terrified of the needles...and the thought that i might not wake up after the anaesthesia...i will share with u my experience delivering Nabil into this world 2 years ago in my later blog. I'm getting paranoid!!

Here Comes the Virgin Blogger

All thanks to Ms. Sharon Austin Spiji....who finally succeeded in making a blogger out of me (yet) hehehe... we'll see how far it goes. All is welcome to give tips n tricks of the "trade".