Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back from writer's block

(SEDCO sports 4x100 relay)

(Family portrait at Nexus)

(SBPS silver Jubilee)

(Tawau Juara Rakyat)

(Yesterday at Majlis Tilawah Quran Peringkat Nasional)

My finger's froze for a full minute on this keyboard wondering how to start..many great moments and thoughts to discoveries..lesson learnt..sights seen..but it will come for now..I am just simply thankful that I am still here, still smiling, well, happy, a little wiser, a little foolish and basically enjoying life.


msLabadin said...

welcome back to the world of Blogging...

You've been missed :-)

Anonymous said...

ya ba... penat aku menunggu cerita terbaru ko ni

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